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Baby mosquito-repellent incense
- Dec 23, 2016 -

1, baby body parts are still in development, natural shelter method is the most reliable of a mosquito bite, baby in the living-room screen door and window screens, placed on the bed nets.

2, the use of mosquito-repellent incense note three aspects: pay attention to ventilation, use shall conform to the requirements, burning mosquito-repellent incense placed farther away from the baby's head, maintain ventilation.

3, when to spray aerosol or spray the room, should let the baby elsewhere, spraying is completed, open doors and Windows and ventilation for about 10 minutes and then let the baby back to the Interior.

4, compared with the mosquito, mosquito liquid for babies may be more safe and efficient high quality supplies, liquor imports mostly raw materials, not only smells good, and toxicity is weak.

5, insect repellent, in principle, we advocate "effective with low toxicity", that is, not necessarily mosquito, but with the drug so that it no longer has the ability to bite.

Poisoning first aid

1. If normal use, no adverse reactions. Improper use, excessive inhalation of, should be moved to the air circulation.

2. If accidentally swallowed, drink a lot of water, and by this mosquito incense packaging to the hospital for medical treatment.

3. If the eyes with plenty of water for washing the eyelids, serious medical attention.