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Development history of mosquito-repellent incense
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Invention of mosquito-repellent incense and ancient Festival of health practices and incense ritual practices. Notes of the Jing-Chu at the age of records: "Dragon Boat Festival Simin take herbs, mining and AI people hanging on the families of, avoiding poisonous gas." Early people in addition to the Dragon Boat Festival Wormwood in the door, but also often soaked wished to paint on the body. This may clear the air, followed by effective in preventing mosquito bites.

The invention of mosquito-repellent incense may be associated with the ancient custom of burning incense ritual. China started very early custom of burning incense ritual, the earliest record of this practice is the poem of zhousong·weiqing: "weiqing down Hee, Wen Wangzhi code, Zhao offer sacrifices. "Meaning people by burning some wood smoke to heaven, called" offer sacrifices "or" offer sacrifices SI ".

Zhou • spring • bulk job remember Abe job post include: "to offer sacrifices Haotian worship God worship, real Chai Si, Moon and stars, Division of Liao sacrifice to you, life, wind Division, rain. "Which records burning or not, later, incense, just some straw and cloth. Zhou • official "ritual, a total of Xiao Mao" argument here, "Shaw" is an herb.

Real began in the Han dynasty incense, as appeared in the Han dynasty incense burners. In addition, the historical records, by burning of the Han dynasty "months between" to "the avoidance of disease," the record. Description of incense from "communicating with the gods" to "the avoidance of disease", and changes with materials, functions are also expanding, and based on the derivation "mosquito" for the purpose of "mosquito" is also reasonable.

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