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Electric liquid mosquito-repellent incense
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Advantages of ① no smoke, no smell, no dust, no pollution; II the use of PTC heating sources ③ time free, available power, when not in power outages, it is so easy to use. A bottle of chemicals about using 300h in a row (the temperature effect on PCT) about no machinery and equipment production.

Shortcomings ① due to pharmacy in the the ingredients of boiling point, and steam pressure inconsistent, heating Shi cannot synchronization evaporation, caused core Rod jam, so, pharmacy evaporation with using time increased and gradually declined, drive killed mosquito of effectiveness also with of declined; II pharmacy formula cannot free adjustment, single formula mosquito easily adapted; ③ using process in the, pesticides decomposition rate about for 30-35%, using Hou, in core Rod Shang has 5%-10% of insecticidal residual, these loss, are greatly reduced pesticides of utilization, caused waste, Also pollute the environment about power consumption 5W/h; ⑤ deodorized kerosene solvent, medicine bottles is difficult to seal, easy to leak, kerosene for dangerous, inconvenient transportation.