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How about hand washing
- Nov 03, 2017 -

How about hand washing?

First with water full moisture hands, hand sanitizer amount in the palm of his hands full kneading at least

More than 30 seconds, in the process should pay attention to rub fingertips, finger joints, and let the foam can cover all parts of the hand, after rubbing, rinse with water. Finally, pay attention to dry with clean dry towel or paper towel, preferably not drying, because the rapid evaporation of surface water will lead to partial skin loss of water, resulting in dry skin, become rough.

Today, many restaurants, shopping malls, toilets and other public places in Restroom provides free hand sanitizer, convenience also make people doubt: these free hand sanitizer will harm the skin? In fact, even small bottles of hand sanitizer home purchase may also occur, such as poor emulsification bacteria exceed the standard of quality problems. At present, our country promulgated on hand sanitizer products industry standard QB2654-2004 "hand washing liquid".

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