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How to buy laundry detergent?
- Feb 18, 2018 -

Laundry detergent as the new darling of the detergent market, many consumers do not know how to buy laundry detergent, liquid laundry specialists in this article also special offer a few strokes, will be "look-and-hear" way "pulse" good laundry detergent standards, we provide More precise laundry detergent purchase "tips."


The appearance of high quality products without the naked eye to see no impurities or stratification; and defective products are concentrated on the dilute stratification. At the same time, good color liquid laundry detergent color stability, long-term placement does not change color; poor will have dispersion, fading phenomenon. When buying, pay attention to see the label, qualified liquid detergent packaging should have the product name, net weight, product instructions, factory name and address, shelf life, etc., the product label logo pattern Chu, deinking phenomenon.


Good laundry liquid fragrance pure, lasting will be partial acid, but also a little astringency.


When asked to ask more about the historical background of the manufacturing enterprises, whether professional, brand reputation and so on.


Good touch of liquid laundry past, moderate viscosity, uniform ingredients, and poor laundry detergent, very sticky or very thin touch, the bottom of the precipitate.

Through the above method, you can basically buy a satisfactory liquid detergent, of course, there are some knowledge of liquid detergent, liquid detergent experts also remind you a lot of attention:

1, the dissolution of dissolved in water quickly, uniform effect on clothing is the quality of the liquid laundry detergent; difficult to dissolve in water or mixing for a long time, only from the local cleaning effect is the quality of the product.

2, non-phosphorus: means that environmental protection and safety.

You may have heard of "water eutrophication," a fish pond, for example, if the occurrence of "water eutrophication," then first algae in fish ponds and other microorganisms will multiply, and then the oxygen in the water will be substantially reduced, Then the fish and shrimp will die of anoxia ... The ecological imbalance of the entire fish pond will eventually turn into a pool of stagnant water. "Phosphorus" in the process, the equivalent of nutrients that stimulate the growth of microorganisms, the great harm to the environment.

In addition, phosphorus will also affect the body's absorption of calcium, causing cartilage and the like. Do not use phosphorus washing powder, because the clothes rinsing process to remove the phosphorus is not easy - for health, you need to use more water, more time to rinse.

3. Fluorescent brightener clothes look beautiful as new, but optical brighteners just make clothes look optically clean, but in fact stains still exist.

4, with laundry detergent laundry, the second year and then come out, the collar cuff will not be yellow.