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How to choose laundry detergent
- May 16, 2017 -

How to choose laundry detergent

Liquid laundry detergent as the new darling of the market, many consumers do not know how to choose the washing liquid, washing liquid experts also offer a few tricks to "smell the way" pulse "laundry liquid standard, here we provide laundry liquid more accurate purchase tips".


The appearance of high-quality products, the naked eye to see no impurities or layered; and defective products are thick, thin layer. At the same time, the color of the laundry liquid color stability, long-term placement does not change color; poor, there will be chromatic dispersion, discoloration. When buying, pay attention to labels, qualified laundry liquid packaging should have product name, net weight, product description, factory name, site, shelf life and so on, product labels, trademarks, patterns, Chu, deinking phenomenon.


Good washing liquid pure fragrance, durable will be acidic, with astringency.


In the purchase, you should ask more about the historical background of the production enterprise, no professional, brand reputation and so on.


Good laundry liquid with the hands of the past, moderate viscosity, uniform composition, and poor laundry fluid, feel extremely sticky or very thin, the bottom has precipitation.

Through the above methods, you can basically buy the desired washing liquid, of course, there are some laundry fluid knowledge, laundry detergent experts also remind you to pay more attention:

1, dissolution performance quickly dissolved in water, even on the clothes is the quality of clearance of the laundry fluid; insoluble in water or need to stir for a long time, only partial cleaning effect is the quality of the product.

2, no phosphorus: means environmental protection and safety.

You may have heard of "eutrophication", a pond as an example, if there is "eutrophication", then the first fish pond algae and other microorganisms can multiply, and then the oxygen in the water will be substantially reduced, then the fish will die of suffocation...... The whole fish pond is out of balance and eventually becomes a pool of stagnant water. "Phosphorus" in this process, equivalent to stimulate microbial growth of nutrients, environmental harm great.

In addition, phosphorus will affect the body's absorption of calcium, causing rickets like. No use of phosphorus laundry detergent is because it is not easy to remove phosphorus during washing. For health, you need more water and more time to rinse.

3. The fluorescent whitening agent looks bright and new, but the fluorescent brightener just makes the clothes look clean, but in fact, the stain still exists.

4, wash clothes with liquid detergent, second years later when they come out, collar, cuffs will not yellow.

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