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How to distinguish household detergents and industrial detergents
- Jul 19, 2017 -

How to distinguish household detergents and industrial detergents?

Different from home detergents, professional detergents are an independent category, mainly hotels, hospitals, hotel detergent, washing machines and other large washing industry needs. Including utilities cleaning agent, cleaning agent, textile industry, food industry, leather cleaning agent cleaning agent, vehicle cleaning agent, metal cleaning agent, cleaning agent for optical glass, plastic, rubber and other industrial cleaning agent cleaning agent.

Industrial cleaning agents are commonly used surfactants: cationic surfactant / anionic surfactant / amphoteric surfactant / non-ionic surfactant, general low foam cleaning agent, commonly used non-ionic surfactant.


Washing supplies are mainly divided into two categories: one is fat (fragrant) soap; two is synthetic detergent. Synthetic detergent, washing powder accounts for about 2/3, liquid detergent accounts for about 1/3, solid synthetic washing supplies are relatively small.

In the field of textile washing, soap, washing powder, granule or powder slurry liquid jujube liquid detergent is most common.

Soap is a variety of fatty acids of sodium salt or potassium salt, usually with the oil and alkali saponification, through the boiling method, cooling method, carbonate method and so on. There are some restrictions on the use of soap:

First, hard water, poor washing effect, there may be significant residual dirt. When washing textiles with hard water, soap will produce calcium soap and magnesium soap with calcium ions and magnesium ions in water, not only waste soap, but also make the textile color yellow and fabric harden.

Two is poor versatility. Soap requires a lot of caustic soda, which makes soap alkaline and corrosive, and is not suitable for washing silk, woolen fabrics, and certain chemical fiber fabrics.

Three is likely to stimulate the skin. The sodium hydroxide content of soap is usually higher, which makes soap body alkaline and corrosive greatly enhanced. On the contrary, people's skin is generally weak acid environment, hand washing, soap on the skin irritation and damage, and soap washing of clothing also stimulate the skin, making people sticky, fever discomfort

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