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Mosquito buy recommendation
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Better to use "mosquito" toxic side effects such as mosquito control products, avoiding mosquito-repellent incense poisoning. If you choose such as mosquito coils and insecticide, repellent, you should try to choose products with low toxicity and hazards to a minimum.

At the time of purchase of mosquito-repellent incense, should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, see box. Box should have a name, address, date of production, date of expiry, composition, performance standards, pesticide registration certificate and other. Mosquito-repellent incense packaging, address, company name, product standards, certificates of provisional registration of pesticides and pesticide production, approval documents, and so on, mosquito pesticide side effect: unknown products is generally "HNP" begins at the time of purchase to see whether there is a Department of agriculture registration.

2, see the appearance. A case study of mosquito coil, rough surfaces shows that quality is not good. Electric mosquito liquid mosquito-repellent incense, its plastic parts should not have significant warping deformation, cracks, scratches, burrs, etc, all fasteners shall not be loose.

3, the date of production. Production dates near, mosquitoes, the better.

From the appearance point of view, qualified coil processing fine, uniform color, flexural strength, burning time approximately 7-8 hours; inferior coil surface rough, loose, easily broken, off. Qualified after the mosquito-repellent incense ignited only yellow and blue and white smoke and toxic mosquito repellent is a green flame and black smoke. After qualifying the mosquito-repellent incense ignition, smoke arc light, the smell is not strong, there are natural fine incense; toxic mosquito repellent is in the process of open and light, will have a pungent, Dizzy feeling, and long will have adverse reactions such as heart palpitations tightness in the chest. Eligibility of mosquito-repellent incense ash should be white or gray, and toxic mosquito-repellent incense ash is black.

If unable to identify mosquito security pass issued to the mosquito-repellent incense ignited a strong smell should be immediately discontinued. For security reasons, burning mosquito-repellent incense is best not to put around the head to reduce the inhalation of smoke.

Purchase of mosquito-repellent incense, it is best to see if large manufacturers, it is best to buy green, suitable for children to use mosquito coils, but General mosquito is best used as little as possible to prevent mosquitoes entering is the most critical.