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Mosquito coil
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Advantage ① mosquito insecticide formulations can be adjusted, mosquitoes are not easily accommodated, flooding kills mosquitoes better second insecticide on the even distribution of mosquito-repellent incense, using stepwise heating, pesticides sprayed evenly, flooding kill mosquito effect stability, KT50 values consistently ③ without power about cheaper prices.

Shortcomings ① cannot guarantee fixed of using time; II wood quality mosquito smoke in the has against health of ingredients, smoke pollution space environment, pollution items; ③ fire lit, potential occurred fire of dangerous; II lit Shi, mosquito article internal of pesticides too late waved bulk (especially traditional process production of disc type mosquito), about has 30-40% of pesticides heated decomposition, lost drive killed mosquito of role; ⑤ needed large of equipment investment, built large of plant and the using large of labor; ⑥ consumption large valuable of wood resources.