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Mosquito-repellent incense
- Dec 23, 2016 -

First, half an hour before going to bed, it is a good time to use mosquito coils. When closed, people and pets should be left.

Second, mosquito coils are best for outdoor use, such as home or air flow around the door area. Late in the afternoon, before dark point mosquito repellent works best.

Third, for security reasons, burning mosquito-repellent incense is best not to put around the head to reduce the inhalation of smoke.

After four, users apply colognes, do not ignite within a short time of mosquito-repellent incense, colognes and higher alcohol content, likely to cause fires and burn.

Mosquito repellent in the summer the best safe natural methods, such as using mosquito nets or screens isolated from mosquitoes out; or a few boxes placed in the bedroom open and refreshing oil and essential balm.