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Mosquito-repellent incense ingredients
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Mosquito of components: organic p class (trichlorfon/poison ticks/pest enemy), and amino carboxylic acid ester class (killing Granville/mixed out Granville), and chrysanthemum ester class (chlorine fluoride ether Chrysanthemum ester/chlorine cyanide Chrysanthemum ester/c acetylene Chrysanthemum ester/propylene Chrysanthemum ester/ES biological Chrysanthemum ester), which organic p class toxicity maximum, chrysanthemum ester class toxicity most weak, for micro-HIV.

Incense coil carrier is toner, wood chips, and electric mosquito vectors is the carbon-hydrogen compounds.

Incense coil pollution, smoking, suitable for use in outdoor, balcony,; electric mosquito liquid electric mosquito coils and less polluting, suitable for indoor use.