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Precautions for use of detergents
- Jun 03, 2017 -

Precautions for use of detergents

We should pay attention to the following points in the scientific use of sanitary cleaning products:

(1) choose suitable cleaning products for different purposes. For example, the detergent selected in the kitchen has both washing and disinfecting functions, and is alkaline detergent

(2) to choose the formal manufacturers of products. Regular manufacturers of product labels generally indicate: instructions for use, the implementation of standards, net content, site, shelf-life and so on

(3) use it strictly according to the instruction manual, in case the accident happens

(4) to avoid eating, reduce direct contact with the skin, reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tract.

(5) some sanitary detergents have a potential impact on human health and the natural environment, and should be avoided


Detergent selection

Cellulose is relatively stable under alkaline conditions and can be hydrolyzed under acidic conditions. Therefore, laundry detergents for cotton fabrics should be made of synthetic detergents or soaps that are less reactive

Wool and silk are the main ingredients of protein, while proteins can be hydrolyzed under acidic or alkaline conditions. Therefore, it is better to use neutral synthetic detergent in washing wool and silk garments

Shrinkage of clothing materials

The material changes in water soaking or washing and drying sometimes size shrink. This is because that the fabric fully absorb moisture, water molecules into the fiber to fiber volume expansion due to fiber diameter increased, and increased the length of less, so the yarn woven fabric thicker, bending degree in clothes the increase of material shrinkage force. In addition, in the process of textile fiber yarn has been stretched, soaking or washing yarn to gradually recover, reason is material shrinkage. Cotton, hemp, silk, wool, viscose fiber woven cloth shrinkage, synthetic fiber woven cloth small shrinkage.

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