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The advantages of laundry detergent
- Feb 18, 2018 -

High environmental protection

Easy to degrade low energy consumption and less emissions

Water scarcity continues to ring the alarm of environmental protection, laundry detergent market must be from high pollution and high energy consumption to low-carbon water-saving direction. Laundry liquid from the moment of its birth, choose to take the green carbon line. As early as 2008 annual meeting of China's detergent industry, participating experts fully affirmed the low-carbon environmental characteristics of laundry detergent. In line with the concept of low-carbon laundry detergent liquid detergent will be the future direction of development.

High protection

Laundry liquid use of high technology, the use of a mild liquid formula, with multiple functions wash one. In contrast to traditional laundry detergents, laundry detergents have lower alkalinity, milder performance and do not damage clothing and hands. The full range of protection features that protect clothing, protect the skin and protect the environment are highly sought after and are recognized by more and more families And accept.


Detergent use of neutral detergent such as raw materials, the biodegradability of more than 90%, to achieve the highest degradation of similar substances, will reduce the impact of emissions to the extent.