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What's the difference between detergent and detergent
- Jul 19, 2017 -

What's the difference between detergent and detergent?

Super detergent masterbatch (especially recommended) super detergent masterbatch + wire drawing powder + essence + preservatives + salt + water = detergent / super detergent masterbatch, compared with the conventional detergent raw materials, there are four differences:

1, set super degreasing, decontamination, high foaming, high consistency, transparent as one, the biggest advantage is that in addition to edible oil capacity super strong.

2. Except for the industrial oil, mineral oil and no oil which can not be removed by the conventional detergent.

3, compared with all formulations, the same cost, cost-effective.

4, can resist the influence of metal ions on active substances,

5, recommended for the production of 0.3 yuan to 0.8 yuan a catty cost super detergent detergent masterbatch, masterbatch is a kind of super Chengdu Hengfeng Hongye detergent factory specializing in the production of new detergent, has the following features:

I. special functions

1, in addition to the ability of super edible oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, salad oil, corn oil, lard, butter, suet, tea seed oil, palm oil, vegetable oil, mixed oil and other edible oil emulsion and super cleaning ability. 2, very strong decontamination ability, dirt, sludge, stains, stains have super emulsification, dispersion, disintegration, separation capacity.

3 、 very strong emulsifying capacity, for industrial oil, mineral oil, oil free, oil, cooking oil, animal oil, vegetable oil and other mixed oils and fats, has a strong emulsifying capacity.

4. Very good thickening ability. You can thicken with salt without adding other thickening agents.

5, very good foaming ability, instant foam, two times foaming and foam, foam effect is very good.

6, super wash...

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