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What's the meaning of a card
- Oct 30, 2017 -

What's the meaning of a card?

The 54 modes of playing cards are also very wonderful: the king represents the sun, and Wang represents the moon,

The remaining 52 cards represent the 52 weeks of the year; hearts, diamonds, clubs, four of spades designs were a symbol of spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons; each suit has 13 cards, each season has 13 weeks. If J, Q, K as 11, 12, 13 points, king, Xiao Wang for the slightest, a total number of cards is exactly 365 points. And leap year, the big, Wang each counted as 1 points, a total of 366 points. A red card (heart, Fang Kuai), black (flower, spades) points, generally considered for the design and invention of playing cards and astrology, divination, astronomy and calendar are inextricably linked.

J, Q and K are the abbreviation of the attendants, queens and kings in poker, and the 12 heads represent some characters in history:

The spade K was the father of Solomon, king of Israel, king of Israel in the tenth Century BC. He used the harp and wrote many hymns in the Bible, so the spades K often had harp patterns on David.

The K is king Charles Thifrank, his name is Charleman, is not only the bearded king king in four.

Block K is the king of Rome Empire, the great name and statesman Cesar, and is the only side portrait of the four king cards.

K was the first king of the Macedonian Empire who conquered the world. Alexander always wore jewelry with a cross on his clothes.

Spades Q is the Greek wisdom and war goddess Pallas Asina, is the only queen of four weapons with a queen.

The Q is the queen Jules.

He is the queen of block Q.

Plum Q named Akinni, by the queen (Regina) a word to her hand rose, red rose of Lancaster said the British royal family and marked with white roses as a symbol of royalty in York after the war of the roses after reconciliation, the two sides rose up in a knot.

Spade J is Charles Thi's squire, crabbe.

Block J is Charles Thi's valet, Lorrain.

The J is Charles VII. Lahaiya.

Plum blossom J is a famous QiShi Lancelot in the story of Arthur.

A is the first card representing all kinds of colors. This card is only printed with a symbol representing the flower color. Most of the game, including the bridge, A is the highest level of a card; it is also the largest brand in various colors, the British used spades A as a sign of tax paid by.

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