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Card Terms
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Card terms

Bid: win the oral statement specified number or fraction of the pier; also refers to such a statement.

Contract: win the specific number or fraction of pier action in a game or a plate.

Fight the enemy separately: each game player self fight the enemy separately.

The licensing / board to participate in the distribution of cards: the player behavior; or game play stage between two rounds of licensing.

A bid contract: cash statement.

Two: a card with two points; also called two points.

Trump card: the trump card of big points in order to hang the opponent's trump card.

Draw cards: take one or more new cards.

Flower: K, Q or J.

Card points: the number of cards.

A group of cards with the same color.

Follow the cards: follow the same color cards.

Base card: in a solitaire game, it refers to the starting cards of other cards.

A winning score: the total score to be obtained; the prerequisite for winning or ending the game.

Exit game: play, stand out the last card or pad.

On the game: players send card / card; also refers to the game between the two stages of brand licensing.

All bets / additional pairs (or semi vice) cards: public chips; also means cards that can be exchanged in some games.

Supplementary Card: according to the number of cards allowed to play one or more cards.

Open card: play the first card in a board of cards.

Dealer: a player who assumes a specific duty, such as winning a particular fraction or number of piers, usually has the right to choose a trump suit.

Pairing: a group composed of K and Q.

Matching: the same size on points (or according to other rules).

Card group: a combination card that can be scored, usually three or more than three flush or points of the same card; also refers to show or play this combination card action.

No trump card: in the game of eating without any color is trump card situation.

A: oral statement bid; refers to the exchange in the game player between three dark cards in hearts in the game.

Sub card: any 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or A.

Total stakes: a bunch of chips won by the winner.

Card: a group of cards that can be played in a solitaire game.

Shun Zi: two or more cards with two dots attached.

Sheet: there is only one card in a color card on the hand.

Reserve card: a card that has not been issued to the player for later use.

Table: the play area; also refers to a group to play regional brand.

Card stack: the layout of cards on cards (excluding base cards) in a solitaire game.

Leftover cards: a part of the cards that remain when playing cards.

Three: a card with three points, or three points.

One block: a round card, each player playing a card.

Trump: a flower color that is larger than any other color; any card in this color. A trump card in a board of cards.

Face card: the first card opened after the end of a game, usually used to start a card or a card.

A gap: the lack of color cards in hand game player.

Universal card: one or more cards that are determined before the game starts. The player who gets the card can replace any card.

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