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Classification Of Detergents
- Jun 03, 2017 -

Classification of detergents

It has been proved that only anionic surfactant and non-ionic surfactant play a positive and effective role in fabric washing. Therefore, these two surfactants become the main material of laundry detergent.

The detergent should have good wettability (LBW-1), permeability, emulsification, dispersion (LBD-1 dispersant), solubilization, foaming and defoaming properties. The combination of these properties is the washing performance of the detergent. There are many kinds of detergent products, which can be divided into soap, synthetic washing powder, liquid detergent, solid detergent and paste detergent.

Washing powder

Washing powder is alkaline, but the price is high

Washing powder is a kind of alkaline synthetic detergent, which has strong detergency, good solubility and easy to use. It is superior to hard water resistance and foam. At the same time, the price is cheaper, belong to cost-effective cleaning detergent. The use of laundry powder for a long time can make the clothes grey and yellow, and the white clothes are the most obvious.

Zhang Huatao, deputy secretary-general of the China Washing Products Association, said that washing powder is more suitable for washing cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended fabrics. It is not suitable for washing wool, silk and other clothing. Because of the hair, silk and other clothing containing protein, and washing powder is alkaline, will damage clothes. Washing powder in warm water washing effect better than cold water, dissolved in warm water evenly, surfactant can play a greater role. Water temperature from 30 to 60 degrees is appropriate.

The types of washing powder are increasing day by day, and their properties are different. There is a detergent enzyme, adding alkaline protease biological catalyst, can "protein dirt digest" stubborn, such as blood, milk stains, grass stains, but also remove the odor. The enzyme is a heat sensitive material, temperature is an important factor affecting the enzyme activity. Therefore, the use of enzymes washing powder washing water temperature should be controlled at about 40 degrees Celsius, can not be used more than 60 degrees blisters washing powder, so as not to lose the enzyme activity, affecting the decontamination effect. Enzyme washing powder can not be used to wash wool and silk containing protein fiber fabric, because enzymes can destroy the structure of protein fiber.

Soap naturally harden clothes

The main ingredient is sodium stearate soap, a natural oil by saponification reaction, strong detergency, and good biodegradability, non-toxic side effects on the human body, no pollution to the environment; but it is in hard water with calcium and magnesium ion replacement reaction will form soap scum, soap dirt adhesion on clothing. The washing clothes and compaction, the formation of fouling in the washing appliance.

Washing liquid

Laundry detergent strong, the price is slightly higher

Laundry detergent is a liquid laundry detergent, similar to laundry detergent. It is suitable for washing underwear, bedding, bed linen and other heavy fabric. It has a good water solubility and can be quickly dissolved in cold water and fully functions. Laundry liquid often added low foaming non-ionic surfactant, so it is easy to rinse. The relative washing powder, liquid detergent alkaline low performance, mild, not damage clothing, more convenient to use; washing liquid is generally used nonionic surfactants are effective in resistance to hard water, soft water for washing liquid can be made; neutral (such as silk, wool washing liquid), low alkali, so can be used for washing silk, wool and other delicate fabrics, wash out of clothing is less skin irritation. The price of laundry detergent is much higher than that of washing powder.

Soap powder

Soft soap for personal clothing

Surfactant in common washing powder, usually with oil as the raw material and, while the main surfactant soap powder by natural oils by simple saponification to the main surfactant, the characteristics of products also showed significant difference. Compared with the smooth effect, washing powder, laundry soap powder is usually more effectively reduce the damage clothing, washing advantages of less foam, easy to rinse. Soap powder on water requirement is low, even in the water of low temperature and high hardness still exhibit excellent washing performance. Soap is more suitable for hand wash underwear, infant underwear and diapers etc..

Bleaching liquid

Color bleaching liquid can also add color to kill bacteria

Bleach is provided with a chemical bleach or an optical bleach. The object of bleach is mainly organic pigment stains (such as blood stains, etc.) and protein stains (such as urine stains, perspiration and so on), its mechanism is through the chemical reaction, release of atomic oxygen, all kinds of clothing with pigment oxidation or yellowing formation without color material, so as to make clothes restore the original bright color.

Bleaching liquid is often used, can enhance the collar, cuffs and other dirt cleaning effect, keep the clothes bright colors. In addition, the towel soaked in lukewarm water of not less than 40 degrees Celsius, the washing powder and lottery fluid for 10 to 20 minutes, can play a good bactericidal effect, and towels to keep bright and soft, and extend the service life

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