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How To Make Mosquito Repellent Incense?
- Aug 14, 2017 -

How to make mosquito repellent incense?

In the summer, people use mosquito coils to eliminate mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent incense is an essential commodity in the home. Here are some methods of making mosquito repellent incense:

1. cinerariifolium inulin 200, pyrethrum powder 200, elm leaf stem root powder 200 parts, powder 200, water 700, green ocean research. The first green ocean dissolved in boiling water, then adding inulin, pyrethrum cinerariifolium stem powder, elm root powder, powder and so on, with a stick or hand to mix into the appropriate block. Then put it into the bottom there are many fine tubular device or sieve plate in the bucket, bucket and bucket mouth anastomosis plus a piece of thick iron, press, and spices from the barrel bottom out, namely strip joss stick. It is cut to length or coiled coil shape, dried into.

2.50% pyrethrums stem powder and 240 copies each, elm bark powder 180 parts, powder 180, potassium nitrate 2 copies, 2 copies, 800 copies of malachite green water. The pyrethrums and leaf powder, elm bark powder, powder mixing, another potassium nitrate and malachite green in water solution, have joined them in a powder, with the increase with the pinch, made of flexible mass, and then in accordance with the law in the first barrel medium into.

3. pyrethrums 750 copies, 450 copies of carbon powder and camphor powder 35, gum gum tragacanth 50, distilled water 175, 75 lines of spices. The first pyrethrums, charcoal and camphor powder grinding, while the tragacanth gum do glue dissolved in distilled water and mix thoroughly, add various mixed powder. After mixing, then it is a perfume.

There are many kinds of mosquito repellent incense. Here are some methods of making sawdust as the main raw material.

4., 100 pieces of wood powder (milled into powder), 5 sticks of incense, DDT5 parts, a little green pigment, add water amount. First, the above raw materials are respectively finely ground, sieved and mixed, and then a small amount of water is blended into a plastic clay substance, and then pressed or molded by a mosquito repellent incense machine to dry.

5. pyrethrums 70 copies, 450 copies of sawdust powder, camphor powder 35, gum gum tragacanth 50, sticky incense 75, pigment, water 170. The gum gum tragacanth is dissolved in water, then add other powder and mix thoroughly, add some water to make it into paste, then squeeze dry or dip bask in the fine bamboo incense was signed after.

6., 4 pieces of insect powder (leaves, stems, roots, Hua Junke), elm root powder 2 parts, 2 pieces of sticky powder, green Su Shaoxu, 7 copies of water. The preparation method is the same as that of the fifth formulations.

Pyrethrum powder is a powerful pesticide that is suitable for drying and storage, otherwise the active ingredient will be lost.

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