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Laundry Detergent High Quality Standards
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Product standards QB/T 1224

The higher the concentration, the amount of less

Consistency, the lower more easily dissolved

Less foam, easy rinsing

Professional products for specific purposes

High quality liquid, there are three major standards: the higher the concentration, the less; lower the viscosity, the more soluble; less foam, easy to rinse. Blue Moon laundry detergent, has always insisted on the three standards.

Higher concentrations, more: high concentrations of active matter content is high, industry standards, total active matter content shall not be less than laundry detergent 15%, blue moon liquid total active matter content higher than 21%, exceeds the industry standard 40%;

Special lower viscosity of the liquid, improving the fluidity of liquid laundry, convenient dumping, pre-coated, dissolving;

Foam control technology, low foam float, after first washing foam sheeting.