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Laundry Detergent To Buy
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Favorite of liquid laundry detergent market, many consumers don't know how to buy laundry detergent, this laundry detergent experts or special offers the recipe, will be "palpation" way to "pulse" laundry liquid standard below provide more accurate liquid buy "tips".


Appearance quality of meat products at first glance no impurities or hierarchical and defective thick under thin layered on. Meanwhile, good color laundry detergent color stability, long-term placement no color is poor dispersion, fading. Look, look at the label and qualified laundry detergent packages should have a product name, net weight, product description, plant sites, shelf life and, in addition, logo on product labels clear, non-Deinked phenomenon.


Good laundry liquid pure, lasting fragrance; bad acid, with a bit of astringency.


At the time of purchase to ask about the production history of the enterprise backgrounds, whether professional, brand reputation, and so on.


Good laundry liquid touch the past, moderate viscosity, ingredients evenly, and less laundry liquid, feel very sticky or very dilute, precipitated at the bottom.

Through the above methods, you can basically purchase the desirable liquid laundry and, of course, knowledge of some laundry detergent, laundry detergent experts also reminds you to pay more attention to:

1, quickly dissolve the solubility in water, even in clothing is quality laundry detergent; hard to dissolve in water or long mixing, only local clean up is the effect of faulty products.

2, any phosphorus: means that environmental protection and safety.

You may have heard of "eutrophication"? in a fish pond, for example, if the "eutrophication of the water body", then the first pond algae and other micro-organisms to multiply and oxygen in the water will be substantially reduced, and fish will die of hypoxia ... ... Throughout their ecological imbalances, and finally turned into a pool of stagnant water. The "p" in the process, equivalent to stimulate microbial growth nutrients, harmful to the environment.

In addition also affects the body's absorption of calcium phosphorus, causing rickets or something. Do not use detergent containing phosphorus, because the clothes rinse process to remove phosphorus is not easy--for health, you have to use more water, more time to rinse.

3, added fluorescent brighteners look bright as new, optical, however fluorescent whitening agents are just making clothes look clean, but also actually exists.

4, use laundry detergent to clean clothing, and brought it out again for the second year, collar cuffs will not yellow.