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Liquid Laundry Detergent And Differences
- Dec 23, 2016 -

Laundry, and life in the dull thing. Products for washing, washing powder has been a major position. However, careful people may find laundry detergent is mainly non-ionic surfactants, cleaning ability, and can penetrate into the fibers, playing a washing effect, cleaning more thoroughly.

In the detergent does not dissolve completely, residue may easily lead to damage clothing and are not easily rinsed and laundry detergent can completely dissolve and dissolve faster, easy to drift and easy to wash, not hurt the skin and clothing.

Detergents are strongly alkaline (PH value more than 12), in use need to wear gloves, to reduce skin irritation and liquid PH value is neutral, gentle formula does not hurt the hand.

Laundry detergent with high technical content, easy to add a variety of active ingredients, washed clothes will be fluffy, soft, smooth and shiny, and has the efficacy of sterilization and lasting fragrance. Using low cost, are widely accepted.

Waste of detergent in nature cannot be completely degraded, causing eutrophication in rivers, causing a great deal of pollution to the environment. Totally degradable laundry liquid, will not cause environmental pollution.

Laundry liquid silver, rich and diverse, their fashion consumption are widely popular.