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Use Of Mosquito Repellent Incense
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Use of mosquito repellent incense

Half an hour before going to bed, is a good time to use mosquito repellent incense. When the use of windows and doors closed, people and pets have to leave.

Two, mosquito repellent incense is best placed in outdoor use, such as home around, the door or air circulation area. In the evening, the mosquito repellent incense before the best effect of the best.

Three, for the sake of safety, lit mosquito repellent incense should not be placed near the head, in order to reduce the smoke inhalation.

Four, users in the smear toilet water, mosquito do not ignite within a short time, because of the high water content of alcohol, easy to cause a fire and burn.

The best way to use natural summer mosquito safety, such as the use of mosquito nets or the mosquito screen window from outside; or cool oil in the bedroom placed boxes open lid and essential balm.

Infant use

1, the baby body organs is still in development, take the most reliable method for protecting natural mosquito bites, install the screen door and window in the baby sitting room, placed on the bed nets.

2, the need to pay attention to the use of mosquito repellent incense in three areas: pay attention to ventilation, use should meet the requirements of the mosquito repellent incense should be placed somewhere away from the baby's head, to maintain a certain ventilation.

3, to the room spray aerosol or spray, should let the baby to the other place, to spray finished, first open the door and window ventilation for 10 minutes or so after the baby back to the room.

4, compared with the mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent incense for the baby may be more safe and efficient high-quality products, it is mostly imported raw materials, not only good odor, but also a weak toxicity.

5, we advocate the principle of "low toxic and effective", that is, not necessarily to mosquito, but with the drug so that it no longer has the ability to bite bite.

Poisoning first aid

1 if normal use, no adverse reactions. Improper use, if excessive inhalation, should be moved to the air circulation.

2 if accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of boiling water, and by the packing mosquito to the hospital.

3 if contact with eyes, eyelids wash with plenty of water serious medical treatment.

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