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Varieties And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mosquito Repellent Incense
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Varieties and advantages and disadvantages of mosquito repellent incense

Disc mosquito repellent incense

The advantages of mosquito insecticide formulations can be adjusted freely, mosquitoes are not easy to adapt, good effect of killing and expelling mosquitoes; the pesticides are uniformly distributed in the mosquito bar, by gradually heating, insecticide scatter evenly, drive to kill mosquitoes effect stability, KT50 value and without power; consistent from beginning to end; the price is cheaper.

The disadvantages of cannot guarantee the use of fixed time; the wood in the mosquito incense smoke health ingredients, smoke pollution environment pollution items; the fire ignited, the potential danger of fire; the light, mosquito internal pesticides to less volatile (especially in the production of traditional mosquito coils), ca. 30-40% insecticide thermal decomposition, lost the flooding kill mosquitoes; it needs a lot of investment in equipment, the construction of large buildings and a large labor force; the consumption of a large number of valuable timber resources.

Electric heating mosquito repellent incense

The advantages of smokeless, no smell, no dust, no pollution; the use of the PTC heating source, safety and health; the product is easy to transport.

The disadvantages of kill mosquitoes drive effect is not stable, in front of 4 hours is better, after 4 hours of driving and killing mosquito effect gradually decreased; the pesticide formulations can not be adjusted, a single pesticide formulation, easy to adapt the mosquito; slip in long-term fixed heating, high rate of decomposition of pesticides; the use of the paper base is still 20-30% residual pesticides, lost flooding kill mosquitoes, resulting in waste, but also pollute the environment; the power consumption of 5w/h.

Electrothermal liquid mosquito repellent incense

The advantages of smokeless, no smell, no dust, no pollution; the use of the PTC heating source safety; the use of arbitrary time, power transmission and time when not in use, the use is very convenient. A bottle of medicine can be 300h continuous use (by PCT temperature); the mechanical equipment can be produced without.

The disadvantages of boiling point, each component in the medicament vapor pressure is inconsistent, heating can not be synchronized by evaporation, therefore, mandrel plug, chemical evaporation decreased gradually over time, flooding effect of kill mosquitoes also decreased; the pharmaceutical formulations can be adjusted, a single formula is easy to adapt to the use of mosquito; in the process of pesticide decomposition rate is about 30-35%, after the use of pesticidal residual 5%-10% in the mandrel, these losses are greatly reduced, pesticide utilization, waste and environmental pollution; the power consumption is 5w/h; the solvent is deodorized kerosene, the bottle is difficult to seal and leakage, kerosene is dangerous goods, inconvenience transport.