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What Is Card?
- Oct 30, 2017 -

What is card?

Playing cards refers to the use of paper or plastic pieces and other carriers, coupled with a variety of ideas, patterns or words made of Bo opera, a number of as a pair, a variety of. There are more common cards (abroad) and 1 (Chinese local).

Poker style, specifications, a number of countries from the early one, such as Italy 22, Germany 32, Spain 40, France 52, 54 cards to the 52 cards from the 1392 French founding model, plus the king, Wang evolved.

Since then, the number of poker cards gradually unified into the current 54 models. About poker (poker) have many kinds of origin, which is more acceptable is the modern poker originated in China "leaves play"; leaves play in the Qing Dynasty, the style and the style of play has been basically perfect, and gradually to the evolution of the horse tag argument; therefore, Lee Jose Bo in the "history" of science and technology in China the invention of the bridge, the right to Chinese

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