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What Is The Difference Between Detergent, Cleaning Agent And Laundry Detergent
- Mar 17, 2018 -

What is the difference between detergent, cleaning agent and laundry detergent

There are many kinds of detergent products, which can be basically divided into soaps, synthetic laundry detergents, liquid detergents, solid detergents and cream detergents. So it contains laundry detergent.

Cleaning agents can be divided into industrial cleaning agents and civil cleaning agents according to their purposes. Industrial cleaning agents are degreasing cleaners, wax cleaners, liquid crystal cleaners, cold strippers (room temperature cleaners), rust cleaners, and aluminate strippers.

Commercial detergents include detergents, hand soaps, soaps, detergents, and all-purpose cleaners.

Laundry liquid is a liquid laundry detergent suitable for washing heavy-duty fabrics such as underwear and bedding sheets. Its water solubility is good, cold water can also be quickly dissolved, fully play a role, easier to rinse, lower alkaline, more moderate performance, does not damage the clothing, use more convenient.

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